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Which side are you?

What shall save us?

Shall prayer alone save us, note that faith without works is dead. Prayer should be followed by standing in solidarity with victims of social ills and evils.

Kenya needs more than just prayer


  • Calling for prayer for Kenya is behaving like an ostrich that buries its tail in the ground and exposes the rest of its body to heat and danger.

  • Calling for dialogue and agreeing on a basic platform for a free fair election is what is required at the moment.

Sometimes we use the terms peace and prayer to cover up our problems and run away from the reality we ought to address. In as much as praying is quite important, ignoring to deal with the reality would be more dangerous. In Mat 7:21, “Not everyone who calls me Lord! Lord! Will enter the kingdom.”

We tend to at times to give God problems that He is not part of. As a father, you are not obliged to address every issue in your son’s marriage. You only guide where necessary. Just in the same way, when a car you are driving loses a wheel, a good driver does not sit back praying to God to help him.

A good and rational driver will either embarks on replacing the wheel or looking for a mechanic to help. First replace the wheel and ask God for a safe trip and protection.

Prayer is not the only thing Kenya needs at the moment. The Kenyan leadership ought to be addressing the major political crises that is facing the country. We need to be told when the demos shall come to an end and how the polls agency will ensure credible, free and fair polls. ​

A national prayer day is not what the country needs most at this moment. This is behaving like an ostrich that buries its tail in the ground and exposes the rest of its body to heat and danger. However, calling for dialogue and agreeing on a basic platform for a free fair election is what is required at the moment. The earlier this is done the better.

IEBC should not ignore the influence and the support the opposition has in the country. Six million people is not a small number. Credibility of election, public trust and confidence is what IEBC should do to deliver undisputed election.

You cannot board a plane whose pilot informs you that the plane may crush any time. The best thing is to alight and seek an alternative means to your destination or cancelling the entire trip.

To IEBC, you have the mandate to ensure the playground is flat for all candidates. To politicians, don’t lead to country into flames of fire by calling for peace and praying and not addressing the real issues here.

Most of you have great mansions abroad as soon as the grass is burning the bulls will be relocating to safe places and only watching the proceeds on Aljazeera and BBC.

Before us is water and fire. I decision has to be made. Choose what to drink. There are consequences after all.

Prayer is not the only thing the country needs.

Standing Up and Standing out - The Fear of Ostracism is worse than Death

The fear of being disliked, not accepted, rejected, shunned, ostracized or expelled from your social connectivity or relationships with others, is a strong motivator to not do certain things.

We don't steal other's lives, sexual selection, personal safety, or property in order to maximize of cooperative survival advantage.

We do this mostly because they help us survive, and because they can also harm us back. What others will do to us matter's in our appraisal of the consequences to our actions. Others that don't help us survive, or can't respond by harming us, we generally don't care how we treat them (like most nonhuman animals).

Ostracism, to keep people from doing harm to others, can work. It's an effective way to get people to stop doing something or to start doing something. But ostracism can also be used as a tool for upholding falsity and incorrectness.

Ostracism can be used to keep people in line with falsity, by pressuring others to not speak up about important issues of concern. Silence of the information to remain unconsciously unaware of issues, is how some people in a community prefer to do things so that their personal attachment or investment in a way of doing things will continue.

What currently is happening, is the current condition, and most people tacitly accept this as the de facto standardized norms of acceptability, the "solid" "ground" of "truth", "reality", "and existence". But they don't understand that they are conditioned to accept the current condition as it is. The attachment to the current condition ensures it persists and doesn't change.

Those who speak up against the current condition that has falsity and issues with it, are going against the flow.

This is to go against the mainstream current and flow, to create turbulence, interference with the flow and current of the present condition. This rocks the boat. This can get us wrecked socially, and in turn hurt your survival optimization, and that leads us closer to the possibility of death.

Ostracism is feared more than death at a subconscious level, because if ostracism happens, death follows shortly after in our evolutionary history. This programmed survival intuition is ingrained within us.

Keep your head down, don't get involved in issues, otherwise people might not like you, then they won't support you, then you're social standing goes down, then you're a pariah, etc.

Come and light a kindle for them on October 29 2017 at 483 Oakwood Avenue Toronto

Time 11:00 AM

In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free - honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.”

Abraham Lincoln

Standing in Solidarity with the Hurting

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