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Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or an organization that creates added value. The entrepreneur develops a business model; acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure.

 Create your own Job

Has it been difficult to land a job? How about creating your own dream job? Entrepreneurs create jobs for themselves, but often they need more than just their skill set and personal initiative to transform their idea to a consumer product or service.


With the help of business consultants, mentors, and trainers, our member entrepreneurs are assisted to package their innovations and ideas into profitable monitized products and services.


Our member entreprenurs supply our Co-op with cultural products and services demanded by a target community. Thereby creating self employment and sustainable community development.




Program Success.

Our project has a high potential of success because of the multiple types of support it offers an entrepreneur. Types of entrepreneur development program support include:


• Pooling and matching resources to address needs of target populations.

• Matching member entrepreneurs to member professionals (mentors) to develop or refine entrepreneur business plans to qualify for funding.

• Matching qualifying entrepreneurs to member venture capital support investment.

• Linking entrepreneurs to a market for their products and services.

• Collective marketing and sales support.

You will be trained by the best in the business world. We are very grateful for the support and training that Mr. Basil Mwawasi (MBA), Senior business analyst with the Treasury board Secretariat of Toronto, provides to our entreprenur trainees in helping them develop and refine saleable money making ventures.

Sales associates
Service providers
Distributors associates
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The universe of business start up opportunities to support our target community is endless. Here are some that you can develop your business in:


  •  Personal development trainer and mentor, food services, restaurateurs, caterers, health management and nutrition skills, financial advisers ,physical fitness training, tutors in French, Swahili,  entertainment, dance lessons, DJ services, renovators and repairers; home and car, Estheticians, tax preparers.


To get started, provide answers to the following questions; email to us; join Elevations Co-op membership ;attend training seminars; write your complete feasible business plan with help from our business mentors ,instructors and consultants to get funded. Start your business career!


Click on this clip board to start your Entrepreneurial potential self-assessment



"Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1."  -- Warren Buffett


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