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Celebrating cultural diversities promoting none hate community spirit

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About us

Elevations EA Cultural Center was born out of the need to find a platform to share new comer’s indigenous culture and experiences with the greater Canadian population.
EEAC is a non profit incorporated organization in The Province of Ontario led by an elected board of directors.


Celebrating diversities


Appropriate, appreciate and celebrate the strength and beauty of diversity in communities.

  • Increase public awareness about the culture of inclusivity,  train and sensitize communities about acceptance of multiculturalism diversities in Canada.

  • To demystify discomfort, dislikes, hate prejudice of others by sharing and exchanging the richness of indigenous culture, foods, artifacts, music, stories, clothing and practices.

  • To promote the spirit of friendship , togetherness and harmonious coexistence

  • To facilitate the orientation and building of strong multicultural ties to newcomers and local diverse communities

  • To facilitate smooth multicultural integration and settlement for the  newcomers in Ontario Canada

  • Support strengthening of marginalized community to build resilience for self actualization enabled by addressing identity crisis through a revisit to indigenous cultural practices in creative artworks ,nutrition , and appropriating togetherness strengths. 

  • Increasing quality of life through intercultural, intergeneration and integrabilities exchange programs as enable through creating art works.

Elevations EA cultural center will be hosting a number of workshops this year called Multicultural Smiles workshops

Participation is open to everyone from all the diverse ethnic and new comer communities in the St Paul’s riding of Toronto Ontario


Important dates

Multicultural smiles workshop 1 September 2018
Multicultural smiles workshop 27 October 2018
Multicultural smiles workshop 15 December 2018
Registration and attendance information
Your participation in this workshop is desired and welcomed. You may participate as a presenter (individual or group) or as a guest.
To get more information on how to participate and to register send us your contact information complete the form below

Thanks! Message sent.

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