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Greetings madame de moshiur A big thank you to all for participating in our recently concluded grant proposal writing Seminar.

Thank you Charity and Grants Team for organizing the event, many thanks to our advisers Dr Edith Atieno and Dr Jethro Odanga for your contribution to empower us with the skills that will go along way to help us source for funds to support various community projects.

Here are some pictures of the event.

To top it up we were graced by Dr. Francis Nyongesa Wegulo, PhDProfessor of Human and Economic GeographyFaculty of Environment and Resources Development,Department of Geography,Egerton University

He inspired us to maintain the spirit of togetherness which will bring us many benefits as members Elevations Co-operative he partucularly mentioned how much he liked our credo.

Do you know our credo? here it is.

We believe

Nothing can stop us when we stand united, we believe together we can lift any weight we believe in the power of you and I this is the moment we have been waiting for.

We pledge to be the change we wish to see, we promise to stand tall for what is right we promise to be our brothers and sisters keepers. This is the moment we have been waiting for together we are lifting heavy weights.

We pledge not to forsake the lessons of our fathers and mothers, to always embrace positive vision, to declare nothing is impossible to not accept bondage as normative, to be willing and open to change for the better.

We believe together we'll fly we believe in the power of you and I we believe it’s elevations time now we stand tall and make our progeny proud This is the moment we have been waiting for together we can lift any weight.

Coming up next the Youth Team will host an edutainment event this Saturday October 10th 2015, please receive apologies from us in an earlier communication there was a mix up of dates. We will add measures to contain future failures.

Please find attached flyer of the event, we ask that if know of are have young people in your household from ages 16 and above please sponsor them and invite them to attend this very helpful seminar on;

How do you choose or change to a career of your dreams?

Here’s what I’ve found to be the top six reasons people are dissatisfied with their work and want out:

1. Balance: They find it impossible to balance work and outside/family life

2. Money: The money they earn isn’t enough to sustain them or their families

3. Skills: The skills and talents required for their work aren’t are a good fit

4. Respect: They feel chronically undervalued or mistreated

5. Meaning: They experience little positive meaning or purpose in their work

6. Struggle: It’s simply too hard to keep going with it

In short, they’re saying: “I don’t know what I want, but I know it’s not this.”

Join us this Saturday as we explore answers to this question?

See you Saturday for an elevating edutaining Saturday.

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