If it is not profitable it is not sustainable

Twenty five years of zero tangible community developments in our community here in Toronto is adequate proof to embrace new ideas.

Lesson learned over these twenty fives years clearly demonstrates, if its not profitable it is not sustainable. Kikuyu song tuokere guku kurima is right on the money,or a sthe saying goes "no money no honey'.

It is with the awareness of these reality that a social enterprise (Elevations Co-op Inc) has been established in our community. The social enterprise has the advantage of being profitable and also charitable.

Elevations Co-op Inc is a complete tool kit to mutually satisfy high value benefits to our community here in Toronto in a sustainable manner.

Project 2 property will be starting soon ask us how you can be a part of it, email us at info@elsci.ca, visit us at www.elsci.ca call us at 289-637-7141

Together we can lift any weight

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