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March 25 2015

Hello member and friend,

Thank you for attending our seventh seminar event. Seven is particularly important number in Theology that symbolizes completion. We also celebrated our first year anniversary we were registered on March 5 2014.

We impressed on members who are behind or yet to join the project redeemable membership shares ($1000) program to please complete that quickly before mortgage closing. These shares will close in tandem with mortgage closing

Those who are not members yet we invite you to send in your completed life time membership application don’t get left behind. As we indicated at seminar lifetime membership share is never closed we welcome new members to increase our ability to achieve our coops objectives more easily.

A one thousand ($1000) project redeemable membership share is equivalent to 2.5% patronage value equity holding in project.

We expect to complete property closing in time for our AGM on April 25 2015. Being a new Co-op our challenge is to secure better financing than currently offered which is at 9.25%, we have several options available to us that we are pursuing that will bring rates down to below 6%. (For your information business mortgage rates are always higher than residential mortgage rates)

We thank all members who participate regularly in Elevations Seminars; your participation is recognized and awarded patronage points that accumulate on any given fiscal year.

The importance of this will be reflected in the first dividend checks to be issued in fiscal year 2016 AGM, whenever you invite others to attend our events you build our community and receive more points to that end.

Our project projected revenues are more than adequate to cover operating costs plus create surplus income to be distributed to members.

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It is an overwhelming joy for the opportunity to serve you, on behalf of the board of director’s thank you it is elevations time.

Pastor Jairo President Elevations Co-op Inc email

phone number 289 637 7141

Together we can lift any weight

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