Sorry thanksgiving?

It is agonizing to attempt the words happy thanksgiving in view of the stories of pain and suffering of so many today in the world. Victims of hate, greed and injustice, how can the words happy thanksgiving be celebrated with so many suffering from manmade calamities.

May we find in us the courage to hold vigils for victims of hate, greed and injustice? People of good will do well to stand in solidarity with victims of social evils and ills. People of good will do well to visit the shut-ins, those in shelters, hospitals, jails at every thanksgiving.

People of goodwill do well to lead their families to participate in the experience of sensitizing and emphasizing with the plight of the suffering of the global family. If you would like to participate in such a vigil regardless of your political persuasion send a note to

Bob Marley's song echoes this feelings aptly

Ooo ooo How can we sing when we're in a strange land? How can we face adversity? Oh oh How can we stand in the midst of trouble when the enemy laughs at our beliefs Ooo Ooo

Situations in life seem so distressing like a prisoner in chains there's no escape. There is no way out. And you wonder if life will ever get better or does trouble live within your fate.

Sorry thanksgiving.

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