Elevations East African Cultural Center Inauguration

Presidents Message

It is a great joy to celebrate the inauguration of the first East African Center in Toronto Canada after more than twenty fives years in the wilderness.

This project has been made possible by believing in ourselves as capable of harnessing the power of togetherness to achieve self-determinations.

Actualizing this long sought after dream is also a result of a paradigm shift taking place in our community’s mindset. Such that we now appreciate relying on goodwill only to someday somehow develop us is a fat chance. This nascent realty beckons us to embrace the reality that we must find the means to seed our collective efforts into profitable ventures to develop and sustain forward movements.

This project is sure testament of this evolution. Elevations Co-operative will make every effort to satisfy we observe the principle “if it is not profitable it is not sustainable in all operations”.

I urge all members to participate strongly in supporting and consuming the products and services of our Co-operative to assure failure is never an option.

There are many opportunities to participate and enjoy mutual benefits in Elevations Co-operative as explained in this booklet, should you have any other questions or ideas you wish to contribute do not hesitate to contact us.

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